2009 Charity Projects under MTO Caring Company Motto


March 09: “Orbis” Raffle ticket charity sales donation

May 09: <Enriching lives workshop in MTO by “Salvation Army”>

Since the outbreak of worldwide financial crisis, the economy & society of Hong Kong has been undergoing adversities. Most Hong Kong citizens face with distress in livelihood.  In order to raise the awareness of positive thinking & caring for families, a movement namely “Embracing Challenges Enriching Lives” has been jointly launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, its 25 social service agency members, and the 4 co-launching partners including the Social Welfare Department, the Community Chest, the Committee on the Promotion of Civil Education & the Centre on Behavioral Health, the University of Hong Kong.

“Salvation Army” being one of the social service agency members of HK Council of Social Service, it had provided an “Enriching Lives Workshop” on 27 May for all MTO staffs. The main theme of this workshop is to promote values of positive thinking, caring of families & healthy living. It is because life values are always more than money & materials. Positive thinking would always be helpful for relieving stress in challengeable times ahead

June 09:

Being invited by HKCSS (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) to share the charity philosophy in view of MTO donation to Children’s Heart Foundation last year.  http://www.wisegiving.org.hk/ebook/index.html  (Pg: 52-53)

Charity sale of  “Orbis”  Flying Eye Hospital mobile string

Oct 09:

Charity sale of “Orbis” Mid-Autumn Flying plane lantern 

“Orbis” Pin day donation

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